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Win every milestone with Parenting Partners.

Launching Estimate for financial planning
for parents of ages 0-3 months

Available only in the United States

They say it takes a village, but they didn’t tell you how overwhelming it is to find one. Stay one step ahead of your parenting journey with a comprehensive financial planning tool including cost estimates, research-backed resource recommendations,  products, community, and more on Notion.

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From nannies to Netflix

Communities were and still are crucial to helping kids thrive for as long as humans existed. The “village” as we know it has shifted to include grandparents, neighbors, babysitters, apps, various products and services, or even screen time. And, it all costs money. Reduce the stress and create a financial plan using Parenting Partners' Estimate to forecast the costs of creating your digital village.

Let's be the parents we want to be.

Caregiving isn’t cookie-cutter, neither is financial planning. All parents need a support system and access to the best resources, regardless of how they came to be a parent. Parenting Partners understands that there’s no one right path for raising kids, modify the plan to your unique journey. 

Financial planning for parents


Age-based quarterly financial planning system on Notion 


Custom content to support milestones

Recommendations on favorite parent resources, apps and products


Community pods of parent peers

Talk money with family and friends at a similar stage in their parenting journey

Looking to partner with us?

Apply to be part of our directory and a recommended resource.

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